Tim Tom Norden is a representative of the styls known as action painting and popart, and the founder of the stream known as actionpopart. Tim drips and spills form more than 50 meters and jumps with colors, secured by bungee ropes. He joins skyfallpainting also created by Tim Tom Norden, with his version of sky – drip painting and his interpretation of sky – spill painting, and thus creates the unmistakeable Tim Tom Norden style.

Norden‘s models include Jackson Pollock and Max Ernst, the founders of the drip painting style, which is an essential part of each of Tim Tom Norden’s works. As well as Hermann Nitsch, whom Norden knows from his time working in Bratislava. Nitsch is the author of the technique of color pouring, by which he paints his pictures known as “Schüttbilder”. Sky – spill painting is also a fixed element in Norden’s works.

In the popart section Tim Tom Norden is also influenced by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein the popart section.

Norden’s motifs are famous people and symbols like crosses, runes, dates written in Roman numerals.

His themes are birth, fertility, prophecy, events and famous people from the present and the history of the world.

The centuries are blended together on the canvas. Action painting and symbolism determine Norden’s unique style.

From 2011 Tim Tom Norden preferred painted contours and silhouettes of faces and objects , which take on a photo-realistic form with increasing distance of the spectator.

Other popular motifs are cartoon characters and even invented fantasy characters, always created as a trilogy.

From 2014 Tom Norden only creates actionpopart trologies.

Tim Norden paints with densely-saturated oil paint or acrylic, with the exception of his use of gold foil and silver foil. He paints on canvas, cotton or artistically reduced photo prints (like Brigit Bardot, John, F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Tim Tom Norden, Jassir Arafat, Pope John Paul II, Bill Gates …), sometimes framed by richly-decorated frames, which at the same time form their counterpoint. In his materials the modern mixes with the historic.

From 2011 only acrylic on canvas, with photo prints of  reduced paintings. Each trilogy is unique and  only exits once per format. Preferred formats are 50×50 (3 times) up to 200×200 (3 times).

ACTIONPOPART a style crated by Tim Tom Norden.

Norden’s more than 50 meter spills, drips and jumps influence nearly every painting, either as background or as a kind of covering.

From 2011 mainly as overpainting of trilogies. The 3 pictures are each placed next to each other on the floor and then splashed from the sky. After some dripping one will be removed, after further dripping also the second. Finally the the 3rd picture of the trilogy will be finalized with bungee painting splash’s.

A signature is one of the irreplaceable marks of production. The Compass Pointing North (in German: Norden = north) was created by Tim Tom Norden in 1999 as a symbol for his artistic name.  The seal, manufactured by the Slovak State Mint, impressed into a deep red wax decorates the lower right corner of every one of his works.

On the back of every painting there is a


with Tim Tom Nordens fingerprint, signature, stamp an serial number.

Example given: