November 29. Birth of Tim Tom Norden, in the cultural city of Salzburg in Austria. Norden lives through a very creative childhood. He inherits his talent from his mother, who creates wonderful decorations with religious themes.


Attends a federal academic secondary school in Salzburg Nonntal. Main subject: descriptive geometry with Professor Spiessberger (teacher in the department of artistic education) who discovers Norden’s talent and tries to persuade him towards the study of art. Norden chooses rather agricultural technology and later economic science.


Move to Vienna. Norden begins to form his own style of drip painting, and his work stands out due to its colour and emotional power.



Move to Bratislava, Norden becomes inspired by the breakthrough atmosphere of the city. There follow a number of day-long sessions. Norden paints infrequently but intensively.

Norden creates his own seal, because of which his pictures will be unmistakable.


The Compass becomes the symbol of the name Norden (from the German: Norden = north), and from this moment all the works are stamped with this mark as their signature.


The mystical symbolism of the crosses and runes is the registration mark of this series of Tim Tom Norden´s paintings. First monumental works appear, with the help of “Jeff Karthargo”, the creator of the base painting for the pictures of this period. Several exhibitions in the greatest Slovak gallery, the THOHA gallery in Bratislava, alongside such a master as Hermann Nitsch.


Norden creates several rune series with the symbolism of fertility, the future, and birth. Norden paints a dark series of Roman numerals on a blood-red base which, as a key statement, makes the date of a dreadful event the centre of attention.


Norden plans for the spring of 2011 action painting in the form of a mega-event, Spill- painting right out of the sky.


First Skyfallpainting Event. Tim Tom spilled and jumped above coloured canvas to create backgrounds for his symbol paintings with dates of birth.


Juni 15th the second Skyfallpainting event happened, Tim Tom jumped above photo prints of the famous people. There is a set of three photo prints over which he bungee jumped and spill painted on, where silhouettes appear. Later Tim Norden replaced the photos with black paintings. Creating the new style ACTIONPOPART.

2017 / 2018

Skyfall events in Parndorf near Vienna (Austria) and Freeport (CZ). Popart trilogies were created.

The most expensive painting at this time is a Scrooge Mc.Duck trilogy which earned €30000 at a Charity auction.


Tim Tom Norden’s first book is published. An illustrated book about the art direction ACTIONPOPART and the creation of the picture series.