Tim Tom Norden Skyfallpainting June 2013

As an artist, Tim Tom Norden represents the style known as action painting, and is the founder of the form known as skyfallpainting. Tim bungee jumps from more than 60 meters above, with his paints dripping, spilling and splashing down upon his canvases.

He combines wattling (also a Tim Tom Norden creation) and popart with his interpretation of both sky-drip and sky-splash painting known as SKYFALL PAINTING, thus creating the unmistakeable Tim Tom Norden style. Norden‘s role models include Jackson Pollock and Max Ernst, the founders of the drip painting style, which is an essential part of each of Tim Tom Norden’s works. Inspiration has also come from Hermann Nitsch, whom Norden knows from his time working in Bratislava.

Roy Lichtenstein & Andy Wahrhol also influence the works of Tim Norden, reflected in the colourful pop art trilogies, driven by  famous personalities and heroes like Marilyn Monroe or Superman.